Tom, Ritzel and Andi are friends who, 20 years ago, founded the bicycle courier company The Cooperative. For years, the lads were market leaders in Zurich, but now there is competition in the city: the Girls.Messengers. They are younger, prettier and have better business ideas. The Cooperative is on the verge of bankruptcy. They borrow money from Fat Frank, an old ally turned enemy, and launch a counter-campaign. Their marketing concept is adventurous. It can certainly be described as explosive. It ruins The Cooperative and their friendship… Almost.

Courier slang for last place - usually given an amusing consolation prize; also the person coming last in a bike courier race (abbreviated “DFL”).

Andi Mike Müller

Tom Michael Neuenschwander

Ritzel Markus Merz

Andy (Mike Müller), Tom (Michael Neuenschwander) & Ritzel (Markus Merz)