Ramón Orza composed the film music in close collaboration with Walter Feistle. The idea to compose a title song interpreted by the three protagonists Michael Neuenschwander, Mike Müller and Markus Merz - with the support of Alain Forrer and the Seniles -  was a result. Walter Feistle penned the lyrics. 
The Zurich punk band the Seniles was a particular stroke of luck, who ensured a good party not only with their performance in the Solidisco. We were particularly excited to use the legendary “Züri brännt” by TNT as well as a song from the Bucks.

Züri brännt, TNT, ©1979, Voxpop
All in All, The Bucks, ©1998/2008
Chunsch druus?, The Seniles, ©2009, The Seniles
Wägem Gäld, The Seniles, ©2009, The Seniles
Days of sweet doing nothing, When the shit hits the fan, Gary Brown, Wolf Kammerlander, Sven Riva, Armin Küste, ©1988
Super Biker Girl, minimetal, ©1997
Surf, Simon Grab feat. KHANZAI SANA, ©2008
DPelz, Aligaga, ©1997, ganzerplatz Records
Ich friss dich, Aligaga, ©1997, ganzerplatz Records
Session Disco, Simon Grab feat NASH & SMARTY, ©2011
Dance with me, Beat Solèr, ©2009
Comme dans un rêve, Beat Solèr, ©2008
Whitie, Christof Steinmann, ©2011
Mir sind die Letschte, Ramón Orza, ©2012

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 

performed by The Dead Fuckers

Mir sind die Letschte, The Dead Fuckers, ©2012, ganzerplatz Records
Alleycat, The Dead Fuckers, ©2012, ganzerplatz Records
A Day at Work , The Dead Fuckers, ©2012, ganzerplatz Records
Girls Bossa, The Dead Fuckers, ©2012, ganzerplatz Records
Einbruch, The Dead Fuckers, ©2012, ganzerplatz Records
Brückensprung, The Dead Fuckers, ©2012, ganzerplatz Records
Messenger, The Dead Fuckers, ©2012, ganzerplatz Records
Tristesse 4, The Dead Fuckers, ©2012, ganzerplatz Records

TITEL SONG - Mir sind die Letschte

Listen to sample:

Courier slang for last place - usually given an amusing consolation prize; also the person coming last in a bike courier race (abbreviated “DFL”).

Andi Mike Müller

Tom Michael Neuenschwander

Ritzel Markus Merz

Andy (Mike Müller), Tom (Michael Neuenschwander) & Ritzel (Markus Merz)